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canada goose Tags 90s Nickelodeon See other tags Tags Can You Still Name All Of These Characters From Old Kids TV Shows? A little trip down memory lane. By Kelly Earley Sunday 21 Jan 2018, 7:00 PM Jan 21st 2018 chinese-sharpei , 7:00 PM 8,818 Views 5 Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/3805838 Share1 Tweet Email 1. Let's start with an easy one. What's this young woman's name? Nickelodeon Julia Michalak Helga Pataki Olga Rubchinskiy Angelina Galecki 2. What did Arthur's little sister's nickname 'D.W.' stand for? Nickelodeon Daisy Wallis Deborah Wendy Dora Winifred Darlene Wilma 3. What was this puppet's name? Nickelodeon Romeo Dexter Carlton Skeeter 4. What was the name of this guy from Blue's Clues? Nickelodeon Kevin Steve Andrew Thomas 5. What's this guy's name? Nickelodeon Eugene Glen Gerald Sid 6. Which member of The Sleepover Club is this? The Sleepover Club Fliss Lynz Rosie Frankie 7. What was the name of Kenan's father in Kenan and Kel? Nickelodeon Dwayne Rockmore Roger Rockmore Marc Rockmore Chris Rockmore 8. What's the name of this teacher from Recess? Disney Miss Finster Miss Prickly Miss Grundler Miss Fowl 9. Which Tweenie is this? BBC Fizz Milo Max Jake 10. Remember Eddie Murphy's cartoon The PJs? What was the name of the father from that? The PJs Thurgood Orenthal Lucky Stinky Answer all the questions to see your result! Nick You scored out of ! You got them all correct Great job. Share your result: Share Tweet Nick You scored out of ! Good job. You got the majority of them. Share your result: Share Tweet Nick You scored out of ! That'll do Not the best chinese-sharpei , but definitely not the worst. Share your result: Share Tweet Nickelodeon You scored out of ! You didn't watch enough TV as a child. While you were out playing and enjoying fresh air, other kids were watching TV, preparing for the day they'd do a quiz relating to those TV shows online. Share your result: Share Tweet canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka

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